Is Rehabilitation after breast cancer surgery necessary?

Although physical activity after breast cancer is strongly recommended, only a small number of cancer survivors tend to engage in it due to pain, reduced energy level and lack of motivation. One-on-one training sessions are a great way to start your rehabilitative process. We tailor your sessions to you needs, your level of energy, keeping in mind your limitations. At the beginning, the sessions last only 30 minutes.

There are 3 phases of the rehabilitation process:

1. Immediately after your surgery you are being supervised by medical professionals. During this phase, a Pilates specialist can introduce a rehabilitative process. It is important to start moving in order to minimize the loss of range of motion and decrease post-surgical swelling.

2. In Phase 2 our goals are to restore your range of motion to the affected area, to decrease post-surgical swelling and to increase blood circulation which assists in healing.

3. In Phase 3 we incorporate weight bearing exercises and we recondition the body as a whole. We integrate core exercises as well as hip and shoulder mobility. We also address the muscular imbalance between the affected side and unaffected side.

Some of the benefits of physical activity are:

· Better ability to cope during post-surgical treatments

· Decrease fatigue

· Improve sleep

· Improve range of motion

· Decrease weight gain

· Decrease depression and anxiety

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